About Stationary Battery Training

Although stationary battery systems were once limited to the telecommunications companies, electric utility companies and heavy industrial facilities, they have become commonplace in data centers, commercial buildings, health care facilities and financial institutions, just to name a few.  In spite of their increased use today, there are no courses on stationary batteries readily available to engineers or technicians at schools or colleges, nor are there any modern textbooks that deal with the topic.

For this reason, Marco Migliaro created a two-day battery seminar on stationary battery installation, maintenance and testing, targeted at those individuals that are working with stationary battery systems, more than thirty years ago.  Over the years, the course has been continually updated to reflect state-of-the-art battery technology and the latest industry standards.  Additionally, a number of other seminars and workshops have been developed that address topics such as stationary battery sizing, dc system design, visual inspection and problem identification, and use of battery test equipment (e.g., discharge test equipment and internal ohmic parameter test instruments).

These seminars have been presented by Mr Migliaro to almost seven thousand persons from more than 700 different companies and government agencies around the world.


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