Stationary Battery Training Video Seminar

Stationary Battery Training Video Seminar

Today the power of the Internet enables your company’s electricians, engineers, technicians and operators to take the world’s finest stationary battery seminar on a computer, tablet or smart phone. To this point, the seminar, developed by world renowned battery expert Marco Migliaro more than 30 years ago was only available at public or in-house seminars taught by Mr Migliaro.

Now this state-of-the-art seminar which has been taught around the globe to more than 7000 persons from more than 700 companies, is available to your company under a multi-user license. The scope of the seminar includes battery parameters (i.e., basics), safety, installation, maintenance and testing.

Your company will receive a renewable one-year non-exclusive multi-user license for a set number of users ranging from 10 to whatever limit your company requires. Each user will have unlimited access to the seminar for the term of the license.

Your company will receive login credentials and each person enrolled in the seminar, up to the limit of the license, will have an individual login and password that will allow each person’s progress to be tracked. A person can be designated by your company as coordinator and this person will have access to the training records for all company users.

There are 23, approximately 30-minute long lessons in the seminar and each user that satisfactorily completes all modules will be awarded a certificate for the seminar. CEUs will be awarded to each user after satisfactory completion of modules as evidenced by passing the examination for the modules.

Review/download a list of all seminar lessons and a description of each lesson’s content: Stationary Battery Seminar – Lesson Content


Stationary Battery Training Video Seminar – Sample Video

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